Möbius Keramikk
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Velkommen til Möbius Keramikk. Sculptural and functional work with a sense of humor.

Möbius Keramikk is owned and operated by Christina Osheim in Charlottesville, Virginia. Christina is a MFA recipient from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has adjuncted for VCU's Off Campus Graduate Studies, been associated with The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Red Dirt Studios outside of DC and now her own studio Aetelier Absurditet, from which Möbius Keramikk operates. 

Have fun exploring Möbius! It is an ever changing space. Roam, question, enjoy, be perplexed and be engaged. Let Christina know of thoughts, commissions, questions or brilliant new titles at christina@mobiuskeramikk.com as feedback is always appreciated. 

Ha det bra!