Carefree Clay Wheel Throwing
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Carefree Clay Wheel Throwing

8 weeks

Monday 2-4pm

Tuesday 2-4pm

Thursday 6-8pm

Limit 5 students

$220 + $30 per 25pound bag of clay (this includes firing and glazes).

These are small, intimate classes with a limit of 5. The focus is on basic skills and exploring personal interests and styles. Because of their size they become independent studies with co-learning and a lot of fun. The class is 8 weeks and is done on a rolling basis, so if you miss a class you can make it up. The studio is available for students to come and work when they are able to outside of class.

The studio is located in a warehouse in Woolen Mills. The clay studio shares a space with a glass blower, welder, cider maker and practice space. It is a dynamic and creative space.

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Clay has a healing power.